Toyota CH-R

Vehicle details

The confident and athletic design,inspired by the multiple dimensions of a precision-cut diamond, creates a sense of motion even when the car is still. Muscular lines and an elevated cabin give the C-HR a look like no other – the compactness of a coupé but with the lifted proportions and powerful lower body of an SUV.

This is innovation at its most daring: precision crafted by drivers, for drivers, for those who want a vehicle that’s an extension of their personality, who work and play unconventionally. Sculpted with aggressively bold lines, the new Toyota C-HR combines the practical agility of a hatch with the unapologetic power of a full-size SUV. Powerful and super responsive, the C-HR listens to you and delivers.

This car gives you seamless driving at every bend, so that you and your C-HR become one.In a first for Toyota, the C-HR is boosted with a 1.2 litre turbo engine to deliver powerful performance and heart-pounding acceleration from the moment you put your foot down. The design is inspired by a multifaceted diamond, with lines that accentuate every movement, the C-HR appears to be moving even when it’s standing still. Others will stare.

Model line-up / 1.2T / 1.2T Plus / 1.2T Plus CVT / 1.2T Luxury CVTIntroducing a compact high-rise in a class of its own...