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What does the road ahead look like?

No matter where you’re headed, there are a range of options available to you. The choice is yours: 2x4, 4x4, six-speed manual or auto. And if you choose a 4x4, you now have a conveniently located electronic switch that replaces the range change lever, allowing you to change between 4WD, 4WD LOW and 2WD with a fl ick of the wrist.

When on the open road, you’re in for smooth sailing – the addition of the sixth gear in both the manual and auto options means the gear ratio spread has been optimised and cruising revs per minute have been lowered.Engine sound has also been reduced, meaning a much quieter drive, ideal for exploring the great outdoors. As part of this advancement, your fi rst gear is now sharper and shorter, which bumps up the take-off power and increases the pulling power – just right for towing. Not only does this mean less engine noise, it’s also a way to better fuel economy – perfect for you and the environment.


The incredible new engines available in the Fortuner will ensure you always have enough power to get there. And there are enough luxurious extras to make sure you get there in style. Thanks to recent technological developments, the new diesel engines have a smaller capacity with higher torque. The new 2.8-litre auto engine has a torque of 450 Nm @ 1600-2400 rpm and a power output of 130 kW @ 3400 rpm, while the manual has a torque of 420 Nm @ 1400-2600 rpm and a power output of 130 kW @ 3400 rpm. Once again the driver is on the winning end, as these innovations translate into more than just better power, but lower fuel consumption too.

The petrol motor line-up has been expanded to include a new 2.7-litre petrol engine with a towing capacity of 2.5 tonnes, torque of 245 Nm @ 4000 rpm and a power output of 122 kW @ 5200 rpm. This petrol option operates off the new six-speed transmission, which has numerous advantages, including lower fuel consumption and a more eco-friendly drive.


The All New Fortuner: The Luxury of Freedom

The All New Fortuner: The Luxury of Freedom


Under the sleek new design resides a blue-blooded adventurer. With off-road credentials second to none and a drive that needs to be experienced to be believed, it’s time to re-examine what you think you know about the Fortuner and discover THE LUXURY OF FREEDOM. REIMAGINED FROM THE GROUND UP, THE ALL-NEW TOYOTA FORTUNER IS A BLEND OF
Equally at home under the stars as it is under big city bright lights, the refi ned elegance of the new Fortuner, that fl ows from the inside to the out, is immediately apparent. Everything has been carefully considered, from the bold, highly stylish design to the sophisticated technology incorporated throughout. The attention to detail is apparent. Thick metallic accents combine with wood grain-patterned ornamentation, which further expresses the vehicle’s personality. The overall design comes together to evoke a feeling of THE LUXURY OF SPACE. Once inside, passengers and the driver have ample room to stretch out and enjoy the sensation of comfort and prestige.