Service & Workshop

Toyota Service & Workshop:

 The moment you take ownership of your Toyota signals the starts of an exciting journey that will continue until the keys are given to the next proud owner.
By keeping your Toyota Genuine with the range of Genuine Products and Approved services available, you can ensure complete peace of mind along the way. Toyota Genuine means uncompromised safety, guaranteed quality and peace of mind.

What is Toyota Value Service?

Toyota Value Service is applicable to all Toyota vehicles older than 5 years from date of sale. The Value Service Base Service uses the first service in the applicable model’s service schedule and includes a safety check. All other items applicable to the vehicle’s actual service interval are optional. Value Service is a fixed price service offering including a capped labour rate together with a 10% parts discount.

How does Toyota Value Service work?

1) Benefit to you the customer

  • Guaranteed safety through the use of Genuine Parts and servicing by Qualified Technicians
  • The ability to structure the package according to your needs
  • Protect vehicle value by maintaining a full Toyota Service history.
  • Affordable servicing for vehicles older than 5 years out of Service Plan and Warranty.

2) Quality Service

As a Toyota owner, you will already have experienced the pleasure of owning a vehicle that is synonymous with quality, reliability and durability. Why settle for anything less when it comes to servicing your Toyota?

By servicing your Toyota at TWK Toyota Dealership Piet Retief, you will always find a competent partner by your side. We guarantee the best quality, many years of competence and competitive service rates.

TWK Toyota Dealership’s Service Centre Can Offer:

  •  TWK Certified Toyota technicians with the experience and efficiency of working on Toyota vehicles day in, day out.
  • TWK Toyota Genuine Parts that carry a 1-year warranty and do not compromise your vehicle’s Warranty or Extended Warranty.
  • Model-by-model knowledge and expertise to fix problems first time, every time with Specialist Toyota diagnostic equipment.
  • The latest technical updates from Toyota, and comprehensive training so you stay up to date with the latest technological advances.
  • Knowledge of all warranty and customer service exercises to ensure complete peace of mind.

 TWK Toyota Service:

The life of your vehicle is assured through the service excellence offered by TWK Toyota Dealer Piet Retief. A regular Toyota service will ensure peace of mind and help prevent breakdowns. Ensuring an excellent resale value.

How do you book a service?

Visit our TWK Toyota Piet Retief Dealership Workshops and book a service at the front desk or you call us on (017) 826 2022. We believe that you should feel as good as your car does after a service, that’s why we try to make booking a service as simple as possible.