Land Cruiser 79

TWK TOYOTA Piet Retief - land cruiser 79

Vehicle details


The Land Cruiser 79 Double Cab comes equipped with the durability of the Land Cruiser 79 Single Cab and the extra advantage of rear seating space in the cabin. The Double Cab is multi-functional – it’s strong enough to carry heavy loads and is versatile enough to transport five occupants in comfort. The Double Cab is now also available in a 4.5 litre V8 engine with 151 Kw of power and 430 Nm of torque, so you can get anyone or anything - anywhere.

The Exterior

Taming the African wild is no mean feat. A certain resilience is needed, something the Land Cruiser 79 Double Cab has got in bakkie loads. This vehicle delivers a go-anywhere carrying capacity in style. The Land Cruiser 79 comes standard with chrome finishes on the grille and door handles, aluminium side steps, as well as front fog lamps. The load bay is 1525 mm in length and 1600 mm wide with a load capacity of between 920 kg and 1095 kg, depending on which model you choose.


The Land Cruiser 70 range is suited for any call up; its three powerful and reliable engine options conquer the toughest of terrains. The 4.2 litre diesel engine delivers power of 96 kW @ 3800 r/min and torque of 285 Nm @ 2200 r/min, while the 4.0 litre petrol engine available only on the Land Cruiser 79 Single Cab and Double Cab delivers power of 170 kW @ 5600 r/min and torque of 360 Nm @ 3800 r/min. The Land Cruiser Station Wagon, Single Cab or Double Cab now come available with a 4.5 litre V8 engine with 151 Kw of power and 430 Nm of torque, running on a 5-speed manual transmission to conquer even the most seemingly impossible challenges.

The Interior

The Land Cruiser 79 Double Cab’s exterior is made to be indestructible but its interior features afford you and your passengers the highest level of comfort. Electrically adjustable windows and an air conditioner to make even the hottest of places bearable, while an audio system with a radio/CD player with an auxiliary connector and USB port makes sure you’re never bored on desolate stretches of road.


Land Cruiser 79


And anything else Africa throws at you
  • Extra-strong heavy duty ladder frame
  • Station Wagon leaf suspension
  • Front coil spring suspension
  • Headlamp levelling
It takes ultimate courage to stand up to the challenges that make Africa uniquely African. The Land Cruiser 70 range is confidently geared to withstand whatever perilous conditions it encounters; its safety and security standards are class-leading.